Who's The Witch

That is a good question! One I am unsure of how to answer. I guess if you asked family, friends colleagues and customers of mine they would all say something totally different. To be honest when asked to write this part for my web site I was stumped. I waited cleared my mind of everything else and for my thoughts to come through! So here is what I hope gives you a picture of the one behind the name and her creations…

I am the youngest daughter of three girls. Born in London but raised in Cornwall when my Father moved home to his birth place… So yes I class myself as a Cornish lass through and through. I have three sons of my own Kieran, Ethan and Fletcher, also two step daughters Shannon and Alison plus my first Grandson Bailey. Along with all of these there is my Geek boyfriend Anthony. He is the one making me sit here and think about this as he tries to help me set up my web page to display all of my Arty Creations. I have to say that this isn’t my fulltime job. In fact, I work full time in a secondary school as a SEN TA (Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant). This with out a doubt can be a very challenging profession. Some days I wonder why I do the job I do and then other days, something will make me realise the difference I can make to a child and it reminds me just how much I love helping each of them.

So why the name Colour Loving Witch? Well on a less professional more random level I have always loved being crafty and creative. I’d spend hours trying to make random things and I loved to spend time de-stressing by colouring in pictures (yes I have lots of adult colouring books), it is calming after a day that may not have gone to plan. I have always been fascinated by the mix of colours and I look for it all around me. People often question my ideas of colours together until they see it and realise that sometimes rules are to be broken in the creative world of art. As for the Witch part well since my teenage years, I’ve had standing jokes with friends and strangers about me being a witch as my first name is Sabrina. Yes, I loved watching Sabrina the teenage witch as a kid! So, because of this I joined my fascination for colours and a standing joke together and came up with the Colour Loving Witch. However yes, I do have a pack of tarot cards and I find wonders in our world around us. Those feelings of being in the right place, for me, is when I am being creative with my arts and crafts in which ever medium I choose to use.

So there this is me Sabrina Anne as the Colour Loving Witch and I would like to thank you for taking time to visit my page. Feel free to take your time perusing my page and contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a piece for art.

Enjoy with love